I had a miscarriage in May 2014 and we were told afterwards that I was perfectly healthy and we were aloud to try again! We tried for about six months and nothing happend I felt very emotional and just knew something was not right. I ended up going to my family doctor and I am so thankful I did! They did testing on me to check my hormone levels and sure enough they were low. I was recommended by my doctor to talk to schwietermans pharmancy! I am so thankful for them and the treatment they have provided for me. They are always so encouraging and I always feel comfortable contacting them with any concerns. I feel so much better and I am excited to try again for a healthier pregnancy!

E. L., Troy,oh

I was in my late thirties when I began using BHRT the first time and I saw a dramatic improvement in my peri-menopausal symptoms. Despite the improvements, my doctor suggested I try going without the BHRT for awhile. I'll NEVER do that again! All the symptoms (irritability, anxiety, cramps, sugar cravings, mood swing, acne and breast tenderness) came back with a vengence! Life with a screaming estrogen queen was not much fun for my family. After meeting with my doctor again, we decided the right course of action was to go back on BHRT. WOW!!!!! What a difference in just the first month!

Not only did Schwieterman's address my hormone issues, but during my initial meeting with Jessica, she suggested some additional blood tests to request during my next routine physical. Glad she did! The bloodwork indicated that my thyroid levels were gradually headed toward an area of concern. Now, with the addition of some supplements suggested by Schwieterman's, I'm finally no longer constantly cold.

K. E., Sidney

Before I got in touch with Renae and Dana through my nurse practitioner I was having severe hot flashes. I had one about every hour. I was becoming depressed because the flashes were so often and so bad. The sweat would run down my front, back, and off my forehead. I am a school teacher and found it impossible to get dressed and ready for work before a flash would "hit" and I'd be a wet mess! I was barely functioning.
After meeting with Renae, and getting started on the bio identical hormones, my life is back to normal. I rarely have a hot flash and when I do it's mild compared to what I used to suffer. Thank you to the wonderful people at Schwieterman's. You "saved" my life!

K. M., Spencerville

"Initially, BHRT completely and swiftly relieved my hot flashes, mood swings, depression and other symptoms of menopause. Over time I have realized that hormones are life, and I feel strongly that custom-compounded hormones gave me back my optimum health and put life back in my life. I have taken bio-identical hormones for 5 years. As I approach my sixties, I feel that BHRT maintains my hormonal balance, and hence, gives me a more youthful and healthier life. I feel great, and the menopausal symptoms/complications/diseases that come from hormone deprivation are just not part of my life. Hormonal balance is the ultimate goal for me as I continue to age, and I plan to do this with bio-identical hormones. I am healthy now, and want to stay that way- forever! I like knowing the compounded hormones are plant-derived and are biochemically similar to those produced by my body. Customization of the hormones is a real plus because it meets my very own individual needs and can be adjusted as my needs change over time. I plan on using bio-identical hormones well into my active senior years."

B. W., Minster

"By taking bioidentical hormone therapy it has changed my life for the better. More women need to know this information at a younger age like myself. I will continue with replacement therapy. I am in my forties and since beginning bio-identical hormone replacement therapy my periods have been less heavy. I am grateful for the help and support."

J. W., Minster