Automatic Refill Enrollment

We know how chaotic your life can get. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop stressing about calling in your refills on time?

Now you can refill your compounded medication thru our Automatic Refill Program.

We will notify you via email at least 72 hours prior to filling your prescription and give you an approximate pick up time.

Once your prescription(s) is/are filled we will automatically charge the dollar amount to the credit card you have on file and send it to your desired pick up location. One of our staff members will call and notify you that your prescription is there and ready for pick up. All credit cards and personal information are stored in our secure system.

Enrollment in the Automatic Refill program is free and easy! Fill out the form below and click submit!

We will notify you at least 72 Hours prior to refilling your prescription.

The number you would like us to call when your prescription is ready for pick up. We will also call this number to get your credit card information. Your credit card will be kept on file in our secure system and automatically billed upon filling your prescription.

$3.75 Mailing fee will be applied

I give Schwieterman Pharmacy & Compounding Center permission to automatically refill my prescription and charge my credit card each month. If I would like to cancel my enrollment in this program or skip/delay a refill I need to notify Schwieterman Pharmacy & Compounding Center within 48 hours of receiving the email notification.